apparance: she wears a green dress same as Seychelles but green. she has her hair in a little up do in a bun with two wavy long curly strands holded by two bobby pins with a red flower. she has black hair and brown eyes. her shoes consist black Mary Jane"s with a 4 inch heel.

personality: she is a bit of a tsundere but mostly shes just misunderstood. she is rude to her enemies but she is rude to everybody expect her friends India Italy japan and Germany. she is sweet deep down and she shows some signs of them. shes extremely sassy and isnt scared to show some sass.

history: she was once worked as a slave for Pakistan when she was five but before she was she was a 4 year old orphan raised by a orphanage. she was taken away by India and India took her as his own little sister. India was extremely protective of Alexis. India dident know a last name to give her so America decided to give jones saying shes like a sister to him too. while Alexis grew up she beat Pakistan and gained indepandence.

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