Name: Bailiwick of Jersey (Jersey)

Human Name: Anna Kirkland Age: 808, but apperance wise, 22 DOB: May 9, 1204 Language(s): English, French, Jerriais Erogenous Zones: Her shell necklace, Black Ribbon, and her bangs Siblings: Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, Ancient Britain Looks: She is not like her sibling with red or blonde hair, but she has a wavy brown hair and green eyes and large chest and buttocks. She has a black ribbon holding her right bangs out of her face. Her miitary uniform is a deep purle RAF top with a black skirt with purple trim and a small black jacket. For meetings, she wears a short silky black dress. Personality: She is a sweet, quiet girl that can get loud on occasions. She is barely known throughout the world, but only to Germany, England, Norway, and France. She is very good at cooking, swimming, and painting. Her dream is to be known by everyone and to have a man who will love her.

History: Found by Ancient Britain and England, she adopted into the large family. Ancient Gaul and France argued with Ancient Britain and England because of her being close to the mainland of France. Gaul gave up and gave Jersey to Ancient Britain, soon Ancient Britain agev her a shell necklace before she passed away. She had spent most of her childhood in England's home after her mother died. In WWII, Germany had taken Jersey and forced her to become one of the Axis against her will. England was determined to save his little sister. and he got her back at the end of the war

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