Azteca Impiro

Human Name

Rose (No last name )


Ginger, shortish but worn into short ponytail by a red thread.

Eye Color


Skin Color



Snake named Coatl, eagle named Sky-kun.

Speacial traits

Curl at the end of left bang, jaguar worn on head rarely shows her expression. Scar on left shoulder from battle with Spain.


Mean and cruel with a soft side for animals and children .


Blood, and animals


SPAIN AND CUT THINGS. They make her really upset!


Killing for no real reason, dancing.


Rose is a fan-made character for Axis Powers: Hetalia and represents the Aztec Empire(Japanese: アステカ王国 or Asuteka ōkoku), an Ancient tribe that used to rule the Mexico valley. She was destroyed and dethroned from her power by Spain. Her son is Mexico.

Azteca by maurax4-d3jowly-1-

Near-Chibi Version Of Azteca


She moved into the Mexico Valley with some friends, she began to fight with Toltec, which she ended up killing. She soon began to become bloodthirsty, which led her to killing a handful of other tribes. Sooner or later, Spain came to explore Mexico, and found Aztec in the way. When Spain and his army went to destroy Azteca`s power, they were surprised to see how amazed she was at his advanced(At the time) weapons and horses. Therefore, she mistaked him as a god, which was a huge mistake later on. She spent alot of time and gold making this so-called 'god' happy. Later on... uh... one night stand with Spain.... ( Best way to explain.) However, the following day, Spain`s army made their move during a holy celebration in the empire, even though they were outnumbered, the Spanish quickly won. The final battle was held between her and Spain, both were crying the whole time, but Spain came on top. He left with her money. She woke up from being passed out weeks later, weakly, she went into hiding and swore on revenge.



A long time enemy, she is out to destroy secretly, some expect it was because of a deep strange love, which is not true, right? She has had many chances to kill him, but never succeeds.


Her son, one of the few people she can trust at all.


They arefriends for two reasons. 1. They both like watching enemy blood flow. 2. Russia wants to 'become one' because of the Aztec Empire`s location`s temprature was warm and sunny. They appear to be good friends, despite the fact they spend their time killing and drinking.

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