Varg Vikernes by Daria Syntha
Axel without corpse paint


Axel Bondevik Uugrath The Warrior


18, possibly 19

Eye color


Hair color

Dark or light-brown


Norway (brother) Venice (niece)

Languages Spoken/ Sung

Various (mostly Norwegian-bokmål and English)


Black Metal, hatred, winter, darkness, sadness, forests, Paganism, death, crispy cereal, low production music, raw things, grimness, fantasy, and mythology.


Pop music, trends

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 He is the grim, frostbitten version of Norway, he likes black metal and is considered the evil brother of Norway. He likes to go by the pseudonym of "Uugrath" usually adding "The Warrior" at the end.


He is usually seen as obscure, cold and emotionless, when he meets new people or the otherway around. “Uugrath” doesn’t show his feelings too much, due to his beliefe that some people is not being worthy of seeing his “trve” self. He is actually a person who cares about forests and nature around him. “Uugrath” can also sometimes be comedic in his own sense of humor which only a handful of people can understand. 

Deep inside, he is a kind young man, especially to his friends Alica Aragon, Mila Curkovic and his girlfriend, Catherine Kirkland. With Mila, he likes to tease her and “scare” her with his Dark Powers and Evilness.


 He wears corpse paint which already appears to be tattooed on his face as he never goes out without corpse paint, he also tends to wear lots of black leather or chain armor which he has made himself, he is sometimes seen carrying either an axe or a sword which has been passed down to him from his ancestors.

He has long hair that reaches the back of his neck, sometimes he lets it grow long and it reaches his back. His hair is ranging from Dark to light-brown.

His eyes are Blue. He looks a lot like the black metal legend, Varg Vikernes


Black Metal has always been a part of Axel's life. He couldn’t survive a day without listening to it. He takes inspiration from forests, fantasy and mythology to create the Black Metal he needs. He always approved of the “DIY” aspect of Black Metal which consisted of using whatever he has in recording, and so he made really raw sounding music, it had low quality production and it gaves the listener a grim feeling. He thinks is perfect for Black Metal, as it matches the Darkness he wants to conjure through the music. This aspect is successfully played throughout the infamous album “Transilvanian Hunger” by a very influential band called “Darkthrone”.

Axel also likes taking trips to forests and other natural sites. Being the person that he is, he always thought that forests were home for many mystical creatures. 


The flag of black metal Norway has two variants, which are both just the traditional Norwegian flag but inverted to resemble an inverted cross. The original and most common variant is the inverted Norwegian flag, original colors included. 

The more common version of the flag of Black Metal Norway

Black metal norway flag tumblr lnto3xolvz1qfpszao1 400

The second version of Black Metal Norway's flag

The second variant is another inverted Norwegian flag, but the difference is that
the background of the flag is black and the cross is black too, but the outline of the cross stays white.

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