Austria/Slovenia a fanmade hetero pairing for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, dealing with the fan-made character of Slovenia and Austria.

The Habsburg Empire Edit

Slovenia lived with Serbia and other countries under Austria's rule. At the time, she was even younger than Italy, who also lived with Austria under the same situation. Her friend and brother figure at the time, Croatia, had become a kingdom under this rule and was enjoying his time in the limelight. Slovenia rather liked living with Austria, because it was a soothing and new place, unlike her boring old home. Slovenia was liked by Austria for her lack of questions and less complaining - around him, atleast.


When Hungary and Austria married each other in 1867, Slovenia was still around. At this time, Slovenia was seperated almost completely from the people she'd grown up with, since they had technically been part of the former Hungarian Territory and therefore lived more with her. She, however, tended to stay with Austria due to being more familiar with him. Slovenia continued to serve Austria and Hungary up until their divorce when she left with Croatia and Serbia to become the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs.

Under YugoslaviaEdit

Following the other countries ignoring the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs, they joined under another country - Yugoslavia. When the Kingdom of Yugoslavia had settled completely, she had found a majority of Austrian people living in the Province of Carinthia. When asked about what to do with the Carinthian Province, Slovenia was for giving it up to Austria as return for taking care of her. Although she didn't tell anybody that. In the end, her decision went through and she did lose some of her territory, but she was fine with it.

Around the time of World War II, Germany invaded and fought Yugoslavia. However, Slovenia was captured and annexed into Germany's home, once again joining Austria. Slovenia was mostly used to doing chores and tended to stick to the background and prtend she wasn't there. And it worked, because often Austria and Germany would wonder if she'd escaped. This reunion between the two ended when the Allies took control over Germany and Austria and allowed Slovenia to go home.


When Slovenia fougt for independence from Yugoslavia, she and Austria gained a very close bond. Austia and, surprisingly, Germany were the most firm of the supporters for Slovenia's independence. Austria practically paved her way into the EU and was one of the first countres to recognize her. The two are extremely close at the moment although they only occasionally visit each other. There have been some disputes - most notably when Croatia and Slovenia were planning a nuclear power plant, to which Austria heavily opposed. But nothing too serious.

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