Australia G2

Australia in her Military outfit

Please note;This is a fanmade character,and i know that there is already a Canon version.Please dont change this!Thank you.



She has long brown hair and emerald green eyes.Her eyebrows are a little thick but not too much.If you look closely you can see she has little freckles on her cheeks.She also has an Ahoge on the left side of her face.She is mostly seen with an Guitar strapped to her back.


Human Name:

Kylie Kirkland


January 26




Average Woman


140 Pounds

Languages spoken:

English,Greek,Dutch,Italian,Strayan,Auslan(Australian sign language)



Largest City:


Total Area:

7,617,930 km2

Personality and InterestsEdit

Australia is laidback and outgoing.She loves pranking and messing with other countries,but respects them.She loves animals over everything,and talk to them.She sings and plays guitar too.Australia has another side of her,the protector side,or evil side.Her hair turns pure white and eyes rubin red without pupils.England is the only one who has seen this and commented,'She shot a soundwave all over earth.Even I felt it!'.She usually comes late to World Meetings thinking their 'Unnecessary because she doesnt have enemies or problems.'She even has a crush on America,and always looks for protection around him.Even when she is happy,inside she is full of emotion's and gets sometimes confused about them.When she was little she was with England,and he had taught her stuff.England was a Pirate back then,and Australia an Assassin.(Referring when England used to send Criminals to Australia).She loves swimming and all kind of sports.She is also sometimes totally oblivious about love.



Australia respects England very much,and looks up to him as a fatherly figure.Since she is his colony they do stay close to eachother.

New ZealandEdit

New Zealand and Australia act very sibling like,and always go off to 'troll' people as they say it.


Australia has a crush on the country,and sometimes does show it.America does feel the same,but always does something wrong.Australia looks for protection around America and helps him alot in wars.


Even though they have fighted in World Wars,they have good terms.Australia and Germany do get into fights,but they dont hate eachother.===China=== They are quite good friends.This is mainly because China buys uranium,and Australia does import alot of Chinese products.


Italy,New Zealand and Australia hang out together.Australia sometimes speaks Italian with Italy,and New Zealand always says 'Stop,speaking Italian!I want to know what you say too!'.


The Dutch have came first to Australia,but didnt stay long.They are friends though.

Quotes and CatchphrasesEdit

"Dont mess with the British Empire!"Used when she beat someone in something.

"Harder,baby!"Used when someone hits her and it doesn't hurt.

"Dipsticks.."Australian slang which means 'Idiot'.

"Drongo!"Also idiot.



"....Sheila!"Uses when she talks to a girl.Example;"How ya doin',Sheila?"Means Girl.

"Kiwi!"New Zealands Nickname.

"Big Bro!"When she calls England or one of her other siblings.

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