Auckland or Ella Kirkland is fanmade character for Hetalia Axis Power.She represents the city of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.

Appearance Edit

She has curly black hair,piercing grey eyes and white skin. She has hair styled like Skrillex but the side isn't shaved. Her military uniform is similar to New Zealand but majority of the time she wears nothing but a plain white shirt, a pair of jeans, a plain sneakers and a crystal necklace but is sometimes transcending to fashionable clothing.


She loves sailing and considers it a leisure time.She usually enjoys the sea view of her city ,as she said it is very calm.She is a very talented singer, but most of the time she is being tagged as boring (but as of now, a lot love her singing styles). She is also one of those people who like to go on pubs and walking along the city streets with friends to have a good time. She usually refrains from materialistic items, which is weird considering how rich she is. She claims to have never seen a diamond.


New Zealand Edit

She is very O.K with New Zealand,and seems to get along with him. He usually likes her singing voice.


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