Argentina is a fan made character of the anime/manga Hetalia Axis powers, she is based on one of the South American countries.

Argentina Rosio Aires



Human name

Rosio Aires

Hair color

platinum blonde

Eye color

Blueish silver


July 9th


Argentina has long platinum blonde hair, and silver blue eyes. She wears sunglasses on top of her head, she dresses in a lavander avobe knee-lenght dress, whith a light pink vest, and knee high black boots.
Work in progress

every day outfit

Interes and PersonalityEdit

She is seem to be calm and collected most of the time but she can get pretety aggresive at times, she likes sweet thing and is alway seen in the afternnon taking a merienda (an afternnon snack) consisting of toast with dulce de lece (caramel loosely tranlated) or with cheese and dulce de batata(another Argentinian sweet snack food) and drinking mate she gets angry at anyone who interupts her afternoon rutine. She also likes to play the guitar.



Spain is her older brother she lived with spain for quite some time and she was kind and looked upt  to him at one point, untill she was left to fight off England by herself,  once she claimed her independece she has tried to aboid him as much as possible she still calls him big brother Spain out of respect.

Italy (Romano)

Romano is a friend of Argentina who is smitten with her, she just sees Romano as a friend thou his personalitie changes when adressing Spain and the other men annoys her.

North Italy

Venezio is also attracted to Argentina, and like Romano they are just friend she does tend to like Venezio more than Romano, because he is nicer.


  • Argentina is the only woman of the South American countries.
  • She can sometimes be heard singing "Don't cry for me Argentina"while playing her guitar on rainy days.
  • It is actually unclear if she holds feelings for Northen Italy or she just sees him as a friend.

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