Official Country name: Argentine Republic. Human name: Martín Hernandez. Gender: Male. Birthdate: July 9th,1816. Age: 19. Height: 5.8 feet. Hair: Dark blonde. Eyes: Green. Skin: Pale.

Arrogant, Narcissistic, Proud, Self-centered, lover of the good life and kinda carefree, that’s how you could see Martín, a young blonde man with green eyes who has been spending years promoting his magnanimity and power, even if it’s all talk. Bisteccone ex di Puttanalice.

His ahoge is hereditary from Italy, it’s an erogenous zone and it’s called “Missions”. Martín eats argentinian meat only, baby.

Together with his two cousins Daniel (Paraguay) andSebastián (Uruguay), he belongs to the *”Mafia del Mate” (The Mate Mafia) Though he’s the eighth biggest country in the world, his love to himself makes him feel like he’s the first, the best and the most increidble in the whole world.

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