Aragon 'Rainerio Grande'

Bad picture of Aragon

Rainerio Grande (ライネリオ グランデ Rainerio Gurande) is a fan-made character in Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the autonomous community of Aragon.


Aragon is a young man with stormy eyes and ash-brown hair. He dresses rather casually and is usually seen wearing a loose dress shirt with a loose tie, dark jeans, and sneakers.


Aragon is a rather relaxed character with an odd sense of humor. He enjoys watching the sky and listening to music. He is, however, easily agitated when people criticize him or Spain. Even though he and Spain have a lot of differences, he still feels a sense of protectiveness over him.

Other than his sensititvity to Spain, Aragon can be an emotionless person. During conflicts, his is usually in the background, merely observing everything unfold. His passiveness allows people to trust him and his is often a confidant to the other countries. He uses this to his advantage.


North ItalyEdit

Aragon thinks Italy is very loveable has grown to like him, even if he is annoying and rather stupid

South ItalyEdit

He definitely doesnt like South Italy...lets just leave it at that


He has a love-hate relationship with Spain. Aragon thinks that he is a great person, but also believes that he has wronged him many times in the past.


He doesnt really talk to China. China absolutely despises Aragon (reason unknown). He hopes to somehow become friends with China.

  • More information will be added later

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