Aph saudi arabia by kagome inuyashkina-d45ycuf

عبد خايمي هو شخصية fanmade الذين يمثلون البلد الآسيوي العربية Saudita (اسم الرسمية: المملكة العربية Saudita)


Jaime is very very aggressive an has an explosive character. He's very gentle with UAE and another Arab countrys but he hates Israel.


إسرائيل: إنهم يكرهون بعضهم البعض.

United Arab Emirates(U.A.E):They are best friends since childhood. Arabia has U.A.E loved all his life but can not say because his shy.

Iraq: They don't like each other very much.

U.S.A: Saudi Arabia is allied with the U.S.A. They have a "Special Relationship" with each other.

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