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Antarctica (南極大陸)

Human Name

Alvin Evans (アルビン・エバン, Arubin Ebansu)







Hair Color

White with black accents

Eye Color

Sky Blue



Antarctica (南極大陸, Nankyokutairiku) is a fan-made character for the anime series, Hetalia: Axis Powers.

His human name is Alvin Evans (アルビン・エバンス, Arubin Ebansu).

====Antarctica (Male version, Alvin Evans)====


Appearance Edit

He wears a white coat with a furry collar, and black combat boots (fit) about high under his knee. He has white hair with some black accents on it. His hair is short and is cut in a jagged appearance. His cheeks always seem to look like he's blushing but he is not. It's because of the temperature in his place.

Other than his cheeks, his skin is very pale from being covered up so much. He has sky-blue eyes. He often has a penguin with him.

His weapon is a large gun he keeps hidden under his white coat.

Personality and Interests Edit

He sometimes smiles but usually keeps a straight face. He doesn't like to share his feelings with others and tends to shut them out. He doesn't want anyone to worry about him even though his problems are mentally killing him. He is rather strong from living in such hard conditions but never reveals his strength.

He enjoys playing with polar bears, especially playing in the snow with them and hiding in big caves. He also enjoys penguin sliding and cold water swimming. He is nervous around people he likes and blushes often when around them. When he is lonely, he visits the people he knows and talks with them. With her sister, he's overprotective even though it annoys her a lot.

At first he seems scary (in a cool way) but after getting to know him, he opens up and is fun to talk to.


East/South/North Pole Edit

Gets along splendidly. But never had a chance to be with each other for a long time. Sometimes, they talk with his sister from the South Pole but they're so far apart, its hard to visit each other. 

England Edit

Main Article: England

Treats him like a father that England most wanted. But England hasn't had enough time to talk to him, instead he just keeps his distance from him.

New Zealand Edit

Main Article: New Zealand

Treats him like his older brother. But, in some cases, he doesn't want to be with him. Due to the fact that his territory was being sold/traded to other nations behind his back.

Russia Edit

Main Article: Russia

He doesn't mind that the older nation is scary. In fact, he isn't scared of him. He gets along well with him and sometimes talks about the cold weather that bothers him, he just nods then smiles.

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