Antarctica (南極大陸)

Human Name

Allison Evans (アリソン・エバンス, Arison Ebansu)







Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue



Antarctica (南極大陸, Nankyokutairiku) is a fan-made character for the anime and web comic, Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Her human name is Allison Evans (アリソン・エバンス, Arison Ebansu).


Appearance Edit


Antarctica's (Allison Evans) official design.

She is a few inches shorter then Latvia, even though she is one of the largest continents, she possesses a small figure, due to having little to no people staying in her land. She is slightly chubby due to her large landmass, but is in no way considered fat.

She has long, wavy, blonde hair and light blue eyes.

Antarctica wears a military uniform similar to Canada's, a heavy trench coat with a fuzzy collar, and a light brown uniform (Like America or England's) underneath, and knee-high, light brown, snow boots.

She also wears a thick, white scarf that fades to brown at the ends, which she also uses to cover her face, protecting it from windburn and frostbite.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She doesn't exactly concern herself with the affairs of nations, and doesn't leave her homeland much, but when she does, she mostly spends time in another country's library, or watching other nations nature in action.

She also enjoys going to earth and space lectures, since a lot of meteorites land all over her frozen tundra.


Australia Edit

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He's a rather close friend, due to him owning most of her land. They usually talk about nature, science, and the weather, since there isn't else to talk about with Antarctica.

New ZealandEdit

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These two get along well, due to how close they are geography wise.

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