A fanmade character for Hetalia, Anne Bonnefoy Jones represents the American state of Louisiana.

Appearance: Edit

Anne has long brown hair and dark brown eyes with light skin.

Personality Edit



France (Francis Bonnefoy):

Anne's beloved uncle, Francis found and colonized Anne's territory, naming her after King Louis XIV of France and his queen. Anne looks up to France as an uncle and loves him dearly for the cultural gifts he had given her. However, deep within her heart, she can't help but feel a twinge of betrayel from when France gave her up to Spain long ago. Despite being reunited with him in the end, Anne feels the cracks in her heart cannot be repaired.


The man who watched over her after France gave her up, Anne used to hate the man at first, but slowly became fond of the kind-hearted country after he helped her during a particuarlly frightening time in her life (French Quarter Fire).

America (Alfred Jones)

Anne's father, she views him as a savior of sorts.

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