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Linz (りんず Linzu) is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. she represents Linz, and is sister of Austria. her human name given to is Angelica EdelStein. Born in december 8. instead of the piano, like her big brother Austria + Vienna, she takes a intrest in the violin and painting. Linz holds a grudge against her big brothers Austria and Vienna since they were always much better at the piano than her she then finds out that she is amazing the violin but still is mean to her brothers anyway. usually when she isn't with her brothers she is normally really sweet she is friends with nearly everyone except from France. ( Character created by @misstweets_2013 )


Linz has medium dark brown hair that looks like cow shit and wears glasses that are always covered in elephant sperm. she usually wears a sort of lolita type of clothing from time to time or she wears expensive high class clothes so she can get raped and fucked by her brothers. though secretly she loves dressing like a princess so bitches will kiss her ass.

Her hair is usally tied back she also has a Fringe and two bits at the front that arent tied back are usally curled. her skin is slighty tanned because she likes to show off her fat ass body at the beach and has a molerat on face her like Austria's little shit of a son Italy . Her favourite colours are brown because it reminds her of Austria's shit.

Basic BioEdit

Linz is the youngest of a family of 3. she is usually either : Having sex or fucking herself with her dildo. She always thought that Austria and Vienna thought they were better than her because they could both fuck bitches two at a time, thinking this, she always went out and fucked as many bitches and whores that she could. after realising that her brothers were not better than her after she learned the fap move she then always rubbed there dicks for them. Even though she dosen't show it she really would do anything for her brothers and hates it when people fuck about Austria and Vienna behind her back. if she finds people do this she will get extremely angry with that person and fuck them instead.

Family RelationshipsEdit

'Austria / 'Roderich EdelsteinEdit

Austria is the older than Linz, Austria is usually teased more than Vienna by Linz since he is the best piano player in the family. though he never really fights/teases back. like brother,like sister, Austria would do anything for his little sister. he is much more protective over her and he isn't afraid to show how protective he is

vienna / Robert EdelsteinEdit

Vienna is older than linz and dosen't get teased as much as Austria. when he does get teased he always fights back. he usually nicknames her "linzie" or "princess". Vienna isn't that protective over Linz, he knows she can stick up for her self. but if he sees Linz crying he will immediately stick up for her.

Other RelationshipsEdit


Sealand and Linz have sex every single day, Doggy style, 69 you name it they have done it. On tables beds even infront of people in pubic, Why? Because Linz is a slut that's why.

Romano (S.Italy)Edit

Linz rode Romano's dick the first time they met so Romano is now internaly scared of her but she still rapes him every friday

Canada (who?)Edit

The only reason that Canada still comes around is because she dresses in sexy stripper clothes for him and gives him a lap dance every sunday like her dear brother Austria


Belarus HATES Linz because she is such a slut. Linz always tries to suck her clit but Belarus always says that she is saving her virginity for Russia and trys to stab her but Linz always runs like the little fucktard she is


Linz and prussia have such a good sex life since Prussia always trys to invade her vital regions and Linz always spreads her legs just for him. She always say to him "Fuck me like there is no tommorrow King Prussia!!!" Being a bitch


She always shits on France whenever they have sex. Always. She can't control her shit system or acturly she can she just does it on France because she is a whore who will do anything for sex and also a little bitch who cries when she doesn't get her way

What the actual fuck is with this OC. She's disgusting.

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