Afonso is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents Ancient Iberia.

Acient Iberia

Human name


Age Appearance



6 feet 6 inches


160 pounds

Languages spoken

Spanish and Portuguese



Afonso has light brown hair, green eyes, tan skin and a muscular body.

Afonso often wore light weight white togas and brown leather sandals due to the hot weather, but he would also wear battle armour when he had to.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Afonso was a very serious man and he tried to install discipline into his children (Antonio and Luisa). However, while Luisa was the more well-behaved one, he often had his hands full with Antonio. He did his best to teach his children to be causitous of 'outsiders', but in the end they didn't listen to him.

Despite his seriousness, Afonso genuinely wants what's best for his children and he cared for them deeply. He was rather protective of his children, Luisa in particular, and he tried not to be too stern with them, as he was afraid they would grow to fear him.

He taught Antonio and Luisa many things such as military strategies and navigation. When he saw how good they had gotten at both, he was very proud, although he didn't show it as he keeps his feelings to himself most of the time.


'Afonso' is a Portuguese male name and it means 'noble and ready'. This could be a reference to how he was always ready to 'nobly' defend his children.


Ancient RomeEdit

Afonso was constantly being annoyed by Rome and he was the main reason why he was so protective over his children (especially Luisa).

Antonio Hernandez Carriedo (Spain)Edit

Antonio is Afonso's son and the one who didn't really behave very well. He tried to discipline Antonio but he ended up the way he is anyway. However, back when Antonio was a pirate, Afonso was said to be very proud of him. He encouraged Antonio to protect his sister, which he still does to some to degree. He doesn't approve of his friends (Francis and Gilbert).

Luisa Valente (Portugal)Edit

Afonso was very protective of Luisa as she was his only daughter. She was also his favourite as she was the most well-behaved and listened to him the most. He approves of her friendship and allience with Arthur.


  • Afonso hates tomatoes so it's a mystery as to how Antonio grew to like them.
  • Afonso often wished that Antonio would be more like Luisa.