Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece (In between Ancient Britain and Ancient Rome.)

Ancient Greece was the birthmother to Greece. Even though she's younger than the other civilizations, such as Ancient Britain and Ancient Egypt, she does have her own buildings and cultures like no other. She's the one who created the olympics and the temples in her realm, and was so sucessful that it made her sister, Persia jealous. After a while of fighting, they eventually became peaceful when Ancient Rome came around and made them part of his empire. Eventhough Ancient Greece and Persia had became peaceful, it wasn't long until both of them had a despise for Ancient Rome and his jealousy for their cultures, in which they swore one day that they would be free.


Her appearence is similar to Ancient Greece all over, however, her hair is more darker, in which symbolizes that Greece takes his hair and brow after his supposed father, Ancient Rome. She wears robes at times, in which is pictured in her cameo with Ancient Rome in Episode 18 of the anime.


Ancient RomeEdit

Rome, even though he has a fancy for her, he has always a jealous eye, as he always condemns her and even bans her Olympic games.


Ancient Greece's sister in which doesn't get along well with her sometimes.

Ancient BritainEdit

A close friend to Ancient Greece, in which she often calls her 'Albion the Giant,' due to her being the tallest and the oldest of all the ancient civilisations, even though Ancient Greece takes all the glory for herself.

Ancient EgyptEdit

Ancient Greece's friend in which get along well, however it makes Persia more jealous for their friendship.

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