America/Madagascar is a fanmade pairing, which is Madagascar (Nataly Tsiranna) and America (Alfred F jones.) Both have a up and down relationship, which started in the 19th century. Madagascar is very depressed around him, and America is trying to apologize. The pairing is sometimes called AmeMad, a portmanteau of their names.

19th Century

Madagascar and America's relationship started, and both each other signed a treaty of peace, friendship and commerce. They had good relations at this time.


Madagascar was held captive by the axis and vichy France, her brothers evil twin, and then was saved by England, and America. America helped treat her wounds, and always visited her in the allies hospital, and helped feed her since her right ribcage and right arm and and left leg were broken in the battle of Madagascar, as she had to suffer through the war.


Madagascar caused trouble for America, and fired his ambassador, closed 2 NASA tracking stations, allied with the USSR aka soviet union and nationalized 2 oil companies, but since she worked hard with him to restore their friendship, levels were restored.

Modern days

Madagascar hides her feelings for America, and they both have very good relations these days, Madagascar making sure she doesn't cause trouble again. Sadly, since the political crisis in 2009, which America said was a military coup d'état, so he suspended all aid except for humanitarian aid. This caused Madagascar to go into deep depression, and she didn't allow anyone to visit her, and she grew more sick by the day. America left her alone during her isolation, and she didn't have contact with anyone excluding China and South Africa. She also has some bad ties with China, due to the demand of rosewood trees, which is making her go into more mental breakdowns by the day. She was supposed to meet him and Neil Bush along with Andry Rajoelina in 2011, August the first, but she gave an excuse, saying that she wanted to work harder on the economy. She mostly went to meet other nations from 2009-2011, but she would always stay in her home.

At the beginning of 2012, Madagascar allowed nations to visit her again, after 3 years. She just sighs very sadly when someone mentions America, since she had been crushing on him because of her good relations with him, which are now strained. She now is trying to settle a date with the current president, Andry Rajoelina, for presidential elections.

After aiding her after a massive Hurricine/Typhoon hit her country, she has a bit of trust in America, but it is not so strong.

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