Alsace also know as Paferra-Raphiel, a state in France.

Name: Paferra-Raphiel Bonnefoy

Age: 15-18

Gender: Female

Height: 5,1-5,4

Weight: 135 lb

Hair colour: Blonde or dirty blonde

Eye colour: Dark purple

This character was also created by TrollinTroTro


She is has quite the positive attitude especially towards others, whether she knows them or not. She is also very playfull and childish as well as oblivious and innnocent which seems to be something not common for the Bonnefoy family. Unlike her papa France she is not as passionate about love and respects peoples private space. She is considered to be very outgoing or exrotverted.


Because of being passed around from Germany to France so frequently she has become more open for having someone with her or having someone to depend on, right now she is settled with France and says she wants to keep it that way. Even though she seems to having taken more of a liking to France than Germany she still has a soft spot for him and feels he is like a father to her as well, and likes to visit him reguarly. Because of the settlements by Celtics she has Celtic blood in her as well as Roman, German and of course, French. Alsace also knew the Holy Roman Empire as a child but not as friends, more like on feared terms. She also played a small role in the French revolution which caused some trauma but she later confronted this trauma and learned to live with it in a healthier way.


France: When she was little she was often passed around between him and Germany, this caused her to have a close relationship with France and are now are very close due to the fact that he's her father, she and him get along almost perfectly. She currently resides with him as well.

Germany: Like said before, she was passed around between him and France which has caused her to have  built a close relasonship with him and think of him as a second father. Though France does not exactly approve of it, she visits him reguarly.

America: She has only met him a couple times but still considers him a friend whether he knows it or not.

Virginia(Nicoli Jones): She and Nicoli share a close, best friend, relasonship in Alsace's opinion. Whether Nicoli's opinion of that is different is unknown but it is known that Nicoli considers her a friend. They met at a one of the bars she goes to after a fight with america and immediately became friends.

Holy Roman Empire: She is terrified of him and even at hearing his name she becomes scared and starts having mini spaz attacks. This is because Holy Rome invaded her territory once.

Rome: She has never met him before but she does have some of his blood in her.

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