Alberta is a fan-made character for Hetalia

Alberta is Canada's daughter, who has 13 more siblings who are the rest of the Provinces and Territories. Newfoundland and Labrador are two separate people.She has 51 cousins who are all the States in America, and Washington D.C. America is also her Uncle. She looks as if she could be 13, 14, but could pass of as 15 at first glance. She has a Girly-Girl mode that takes over sometimes. She also loves chocolate. Her human name is either Alberta Williams, or when she is in her Girly-Girl mode it is Sceanna Williams.

Alberta is my Character, so please if you want to use her please ask me first. My email is if you want to use her. Plus if you want to edit this page ask me first. Also she is in my story I have yet to post on called 'America and Canada, Parents?' by ProudCanadianGal101.

Appearance Edit


Normal: She generly wears a purple plaid shirt with faded blue jeans. Her leather brown Cow-Girl boots she always wears goes over her jeans. She has a Cow-Girl hat on all the time, with a whip on her hip. She has a brown Cow-Girl jacket on for when it is Winter.

Girly-Girl: Her outfit for Girly-Girl mode is about the same, but instead of a purple plaid shirt it is pink, and she has a pink Cow-Girl hat, and in the winter her jacket is pink.

Natural Features

Alberta has light brown hair that it could be dirty blond, her hair also has natural highlights that are blonde. She also generally keeps her hair in twin French Braids. Her eyes are a dark purple with a blue outer ring, that blends the purple when they meet.

Relationships Edit


She loves her Dad very much. She always watches Hockey with him and her siblings. She rarely doesn't listen to Canada. Canada does yell at her often for tying her siblings with her whip, or breaking expensive china with it. They have a good relationship. Sometimes Canada and Alberta have some arguments that last a few weeks, over somethings that later, they say, are stupid.


She loves her Uncle. Her personality is a lot like his. Whenever she visits America or America visits Canada, she always gives him a big bear hug, her sister British Columbia thinks it's because that she used to have a small crush on him, which is not true. Alberta only listens to Canada, America.


She has a small crush on Russia, much to America's disliking. They don't talk that much, but when they do, she stutters a lot. Russia thinks it's because she is scared of him like a lot of people are.


Alberta calls Prussia her Uncle, but that is because Prussia is like an uncle to her. Whenever they interact in the story they get along fine.

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