Viola F. Jones
Alaska is the little sister of America. Her human name is suposed to be Karina F. Jones but then changed to Viola F. Jones for her similar look of Viola in The Witch's House. She is 15 years old and 140 cm (4'7 ft est). She was born on January 3.

Appearance and PersonalitiesEdit

She has blonde hair which are mostly styled as braids. Unlike her brother, she has green eyes. She wears a white top with an apron and a blue skirt. She wears brown or tan boots.

She is enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. She is sometimes a tsundere when Latvia thinks of pervy thoughts about her.



She sometimes hates her brother when she doesn't get what she wants. Mostly, she loves her brother for always being with her. They don't really fight, they just fight when Alaska always wins a video game.


She works for Russia during the summer. Alaska doesn't really interact with Russia.


Latvia has a crush on her but he didn't know that she shares the same feelings. Latvia actually proposed to her to be his girlfriend and wife in the future. The thing that Alaska hates about him is that he thinks of pervy thoughts about her.


Alaska's best friend. They never fight because according to Hiroshima, fighting is equal to a broken friendship. They always do everything together.


Alaska's other best friend. They are often mistaken because of their looks.


  • Her birthday corresponds when Alaska became the 49th state in America.
  • When she is so hungry and someone she knows shows food to her, she snatches the food without permission.
  • She can do spells just like England. She mostly uses her magic when she's hungry.

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