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Emi Malva Braginski Jones==

Appearance,Personality and Intrests

Emi is a 18 year old girl.She's really tiny for her age,but she can act like a real lady.Her hair is blonde/white,on the left and right side she got red/purple highlights.She's always wearing her light violet sweater.Her voice is really cute but when she sings she sounds like an real adult.Emi is really shy,clumsy and naive sometimes,but she love to help other countries.But she really hates her eyes.There are strange signs in them,and there are rumors that she can see into the future.In her childhood everyone called her a monster and she always played alone.

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Emi with cat ears and the strange sign in her eyes.

She really love cats and the sound of violins and pianos are making her happy.Thats why she likes Austria and Greece,as friends.She loves cooking,but only pancakes.When she was younger Canada teached her how to make pancakes and she think they're really delicious.Hamburgers are also one of her favourite food.And sometimes she also drinks Vodka,just to make her calm down after a hard day.


Russia (Ivan Braginski)

He found Alaska/Emi.They were both really young so Ivan decided to live with her for a short time until America arived.Alfred was sure he found Alaska first,because she was a part of the United States of America.Emi had a little cursh on Alfred so she stayed on his side.Russia now known as her big brother.

America (Alfred F. Jones)

He found Alaska/Emi later.Alfred took her away from Russia.America was always on Emi's side.When Emi cried Alfred just laughed and she was happy again.But then Emi grew up and Alfred forgot her someday.She was really angry about that but she loved him anyway.He's also known as her big brother.

Canada (Matthew Williams)

Emi started to talk with Matthew after the day she finally grew up as a real country.Alfred forgot her so she was really lonely.Matthew fell in love with Emi,but he decided to keep it as a secret.He was afraid their friendship will end after he said the truth to her.

Iceland (Emil Steillson)

Emi doesn't really talk to him really often,but she always helps him.When Emil has fever she was always there for him like a real big sister.He's also in love with her,but he never told her that.He was a bit shy about that but he always wanted to tell her his true feelings.


  • Alaskas Birthday, 3 January,a few months later Russia found Alaska,1648
  • Alaska is the 49.State of America

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