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Whoever edited or deleted all my stuff for Alaska, I don't even care anymore because I totally forgot about the page anyway-- but with that said:

Because of this issue, my original design and information of Alaska will be strictly private. I apologize, since I did get several comments and praise for my design and detail of her personality, lifestyle, past, ect. but thanks to the Available-For-Any-And-All-To-Edit of this site, it will no longer be available.

If you saw my Deviantart for it or my Tumblr contact, you are lucky to have witnessed it while it was but sadly, Alina as one of the names I had called her, is gone.

P.S. Whoever that Russia in-character person that was, I live in Alaska, and my personal thought is, your view on Alaska sucks and is entirely biased by Belarus, Russia and Ukraine's canon character. It wasn't even funny so...... Sorry, you really struck out. I live in Alaska so..... There you go.

P.S.S. No seriously, whoever deleted all my shit here, thanks for making me go through the effort of reworking ALL that information I had. Hope it makes you giggle like a snide hyena, you fuck. I love it when I make people laugh.

Peace out! I'm keeping this girly in a safe vault. She's too cute for the likes of indecent editors anyway. :P

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