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one of America's daughters. human name: snow

Appearance: a young teenage looking girl who wears a scarf along with a winter coat and boots and for some odd reason wears a skirt even if her place is very cold. also has icy blue eyes and she has short white hair.

Personality: she has two 1:kind,genorious.thoughtful,wants everyone to get along. 2: short tempered, creepy, hates loud noises, anti social, doesn't like to see fighting (most of the time).Both will beat out of the crap out of the other states if they don't get along with each other or won't shut up.

Relationships America: she is nice to but sometimes punches him for being stupid and creeps him out a few times since she was Russia's before 1959. 50 states: They respect/fear her and when she come near them they'll instantly stop fighting and get along or at least pretend. Russia: He often visits her because she is the only one that doesn't seem scared of him because he was once his. Blizzard: her white husky.

(who ever finds and reads this wiki please make or find the picture for Alaska's appearance, this message is from Russia do it or else I'll " kolkolkolkolkol).

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