Alabama is a fan-made character for the series: Axis Powers Hetalia. She recieves the human name 'Emma Bibb'. 

Alabama sketch


Emma is a petite woman with a delicate body shape, and stands at 5'3. She has lightly tanned skin (Native American and Spanish influences) and curly, soft dark hair that tends to stick up on it's own. She has big, copper eyes that slightly tilt downward. She is normally seen in a baby blue sundress, that has a grapic Camillia flower on the side of it, or a football (American football) jersey and shorts.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Emma has the internal maintenance of a girl and knows more about football than most guys. She prides herself as a "Southern Belle", and is known to treat someone she meets for the first time like family. She is that one always insisting on doing the cleaning, and enjoys cooking for other people. Emma loves to play football with friends, and takes it rather serious. She loves to brag about the importance of her state, being the birthplace of Helen Keller and one having been the capitol of the confederacy.



She respects her in a sibling-like way, and normally likes watching football with him. Overall, they share in interest for Southern literature, and at times she thinks she's too much of a Southern Bell. Not that's that's a bad thing, of course.

Spain, France, and BritainEdit

Significant people in her history, especially Spain, they had control of her and Mississippi growing up. It was either Native American trive Chocktaw or Hernando de Soto who called her 'Alibamo', and the first permamnent European settlement by France in Mobile, and was briefly controlled by the British Treaty of Paris for a while


Alabama's brother under the rule of Spain, they teased each other and they do have a slight sibling rivalry, but nothing harsh or signicant. They overall have a good relationships in the modern day with little fallouts.


  • She is called by the other states "Yellowhammer', her state is unofficially the Yellowhammer state.
  •  She has an odd love for porcelain things to put for display in her house.
  • When it was the time of the Civil Rights movement, she took action in the "Freedom March" to Selma to Montgomery
  • She may remember some Spanish from her Spanish colonial days.
  • She speaks with a southern accent mixed with a Spanish accent
  • Her name is 'Emma', the most popular name for girls in Alabama, and 'Bibb', is a reference to the first state governament.
  • She loves to wear sundresses and isn't afraid to get down 'n dirty wearing one

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