Afghanistan/Libya is a fanmade pairing for fanmade characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving Afghanistan (Faheem Sahar) and Libya (Hasna Somaya). This pairing is sometimes refered to as FaHas or AfLib which are both portmanteus of their human names and country names.

Modern TimesEdit

This pairing is still very new and there is still speculation on weither it is a pairing at all as the two of them claim to be just friends. However, Hasna does seem to be happier around Faheema than when she was ever with Sulayman, although this could just be because the conflict in Libya is now over. And Faheema has also said that she is fond of Hasna, although this could just be because she understands which she is going through.

When Sulayman found out, he reportedly broke his Muslim vows by drinking alcohol and began muttering madly about being "merely a territory," "not able to throw off his overlords," "makes more sense in hindsight," and most hurtful of all, "Why would a nationstate be attracted to a guy trying to be one and failing?" Needless to say, he was very deeply affected when he found out.

This pairing is now official as Hasna and Faheema have confessed with being love with one another. They are 'going steady' and are very happy.

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