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Faheem Sahar is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents Afghanistan.


Human name

Faheem Sahar

Age appearance



August 19


6 feet 7 inches


165 pounds

Languages spoken

Dari, Pashto and English



Faheem is rather tall, has tanned skin, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

For important Muslim occasions Faheem wears traditional Muslim men's clothing. The rest of the time he wears a white T-shirt, a light tan single breasted one button blazer, black jeans and black military style boots.

At World Meetings he wears a white short sleeved button down, a black blazer, black slacks and black dress shoes.

Personality and Interests

Despite Afghanistan's somewhat bad reputation overseas, Faheem is a very kind, compassionate man who has often exteneded help to people he knows and who he thinks deserves it. He also very protective of his 'family' and will do anything to help them.

As he was once under Arthur's care, he has grown to have a liking to English literature. His favourite English authors are Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and J.K. Rowling. He enjoys reading and he is often seen reading a book, which often makes him bump into things, which has now turned into a running gag. He also reads the Quran but he isn't seen reading as it as often as he reads other books.

Faheem is very interested in the world and how it works which has lead him to take an interest in science. He often conducts experiments to test theories of his. Unfortunately, they often backfire on him although rather comically which has also turned into another running gag.


'Faheem' is a male Arabic name and it means 'intelligent' or 'wise'. 'Sahar' is a common Afghan last name.


England (Arthur Kirkland)

As Faheem was once under Arthur's care the two of them get along well. They often discuss literature and they sometimes spend time together. However, when Arthur goes out drinking, Faheem doesn't partake and just drives Arthur home.

Germany (Ludwig)

Faheem greatly repsects Ludwig and is thankful for the help Ludwig gives him. They get along very well.

Iran (Bano Mahidpur)

Faheem and Bano generally don't get along well, as they are constantly fighting over who has the rights to the water from the Helmand River. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of Taliban has also put much strain on their relations with one another. However, it has been said that when they were younger they get along better. Despite that, neither one of them seem like they want to be close again.

Russia (Ivan Braginsky)

Ever since the Soviet invasion, Faheem has been rather wary of Ivan, despite him offering help to Faheem. Ivan has tried to talk to Faheem, but Faheem often rebuffs him. One particular occasion, Ivan questioned Faheem on his relationship with Hasna Somaya (Libya). Faheem replied by calmly telling Ivan that while he ahs fond feelings for Hasna, his feelings does not go beyond that. However, he was blushing when he said that and he didn't make eye contact with Ivan either.

America (Alfred F. Jones)

Faheem and Alfred don't get along very well ever since the 9/11 attacks. Faheem calls him a 'nuisance' and finds his constant 'butting in' in Faheem's affairs 'annoying and a little offensive'. Faheem knows he means well, but he still gets annoyed none the less. However, prior to that, Alfred did try to help Faheem druing the Soviet Invasion, so there was a bond between them.

Libya (Hasna Somaya)

Faheem and Hasna have recently confessed to being in love with one another and are 'going steady'. They are very happy. However, Faheem suffers from a lot of teasing from the other Middle Eastern countries about his relationship with Hasna.


  • Faheem's birthday is the day Afghanistan became independent from England
  • There is a theory/rumour circulating that Faheem is a male feminist, which is why he favours female writers over male writers. He denies this but it sill circulates.

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