Happy birthday armenia by hayley566-d4aja8c

Name: Republic of Armenia human name: Adrin Zakarian


Adrin Zakarian is an OC of hayley566 on Deviantart.

She tends to be polite to many that she meets and seems calm and easygoing most of the time. She enjoys cooking and painting in her freetime. She's had a rough life(especially living inbetween the two nations she can't stand) but is getting a lot better in modern times.

Appearance Edit

Armenia has tan skin, dark hair and blue eyes. Her eyes represent the many rivers that run through her country. She is a very small woman(mostly because her country's small as well.) Despite her size she is very strong and can take a lot of pain and endurance.



She tries to get along with him in modern times but it fails quite often. She's suffered a lot because of him in the past and his denial of the Armenian genocide doesn't help their relationship either. She acts politely cold towards him and in some cases says curse words at him in Armenian.


Another nation she fights with often. She has a very turbulant relationship with Azerbaijan and has for a long time. She doesn't even bother with being even a little polite with Azerbaijan. Armenia either avoids or just fights with her.


She has a very good relationship with America and shows a lot of thanks to him for trying to get Turkey to admit the Armenian genocide and for taking in her immigrants during hard times.


She gets along very well with both Russia and his sisters. He has sent aid to her people after the genocide and helped her rebuild herself. Although they had a rough patch after she left the soviet union, she still gets along well with him


She sees Greece as a big brother and a good friend. They both understand eachother very well and have been friends for ages.


A close friend of hers. They share a lot in common and have had rough times in the past.