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(Former) Confederate States of America
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Full Official Name

The Confederate States of America

Human Name

Atticus Finis Jones




February 4th, 1861

Death Date

May 5, 1865


Atticus is virtually a mirror-image of America, with eyes and hair a bit deeper in hue; he has no glasses (Texas), however, at least post-Civil War anyway. He tends to dress quite formally in the same clothing of his time, though on occasion he will wear semi-formal modern clothing such as collared button-up shirts and jackets. He has rather taken a liking to jeans, though.


Atticus tries to remain cordial and polite to any he first meets, though when around those who he feels have wronged him, like America, he's quite cold and easily angered.


United States of America:Edit

Great Britain:Edit

Atticus had hoped that Britain would have assisted his fight for freedom in the war, but that hope was dashed by Britain’s stubborn determination to keep as neutral as possible between his war with America. He still bears a bit of a grudge against Britain for doing so, as with his help the war may have been won for him instead.


Atticus had also been counting on France’s support in the war, but though his boss was actually quite sympathetic to the Southern cause, France just decided to follow suit with England’s declaration of neutrality.

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