Aurora Oxenstierna is a fan made character for the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia and represents the Åland Islands, Swedish territory of Finland.

{This character is basically Fem!Sweden so I just look up fanart from sources such as Zerochan, DeviantArt, and Tumblr.}



Åland Islands has long, light blonde hair. She is usually seen wearing a long blue overcoat that appears to be the naval uniform of the 2nd commander from 1920, along with a matching hat, a black shirt and tie, black thigh-high socks and boots, and sometimes black gloves. Sometimes she wears a flower or a beret. She also wears glasses. Åland Islands is known as one of the shortest Nordics, standing at 165cm. Some countries, like Denmark, refer to her as "a sexy Swedish model".

Personality and InterestsEdit

Åland Islands was once a viking when her big brother, Sweden, had finally found her after years of searching. After he trained her, Åland Islands can take on Denmark, and sometimes Russia, single-handed. When she became a territory of Finland, she became more open and fun-loving. She is silent and hard to understand, like Sweden, when she's around new people or when she feels uncomfortable. When she's completely serious, she's just as intimidating as her big brother. Åland is also known to make any solid item a deadly weapon.

She seems to have this ability to "pull" Sweden out of his intimidating shell. When she's around, Sweden plays around with her, he speaks up more, he even smiles more often. But during the time when Finland and Åland were forced to be with Russia, his scary aura shone darker and stronger due to lonliness.



When Sweden was a viking, he took in Åland as his own. He cared for her, trained her, and loved her dearly. He always protected her from harm and Denmark. Their connection became stronger after years and it was as if they were one. Seceding her to Russia ws devasting, but military technology was upgrading and he didn't know what to do. When she returned to Northern Europe, she became Finnish territory. Åland still wanted to be a Swedish territory. So from there on, Åland is the only Swedish speaking territory of Finland. Åland made Sweden a different "person", but the occasional separation does seem to change them.

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