(Please Note: This OC belongs to MadameBrownEyes. Please do not edit without consent - this page is also under construction, I will be tweaking this page occasionally. Also, please do not take offence if you're from Åland, I have a classmate from there and I based my OC slightly off of her. MadameBrownEyes 18:23, August 20, 2011 (UTC) )

Åland is a fan character made for the Manga and Anime 'Axis Powers Hetalia'. Her human name is Kristina Olsson (クリスティーナ オルソン Kurisutīna Oruson). She represents the Åland Islands, the autonomous province of Finland.

Åland Islands



Åland Islands

Landskapet Åland

(Ahvenaanmaan maakunta)

Human Name

Kristina Olsson

(クリスティーナ オルソン)

(Kurisutīna Oruson)






June 9

Hair Color


Eye Color



172 cm (5"6.5 ft)



Åland has shoulder length, curly blonde hair (Often held back) and glassy dark blue-green eyes. Similair to her brother Finland, she is strong but has a cute face. She wears a long, plain black dress with grey colored details (e.g. cuffs, collar) a matching black neckbow with grey thigh highs and tall, brown lace up boots.

Because she is demilitarized, she does not however have a military uniform. Though, when she is needed to fight she wears a grey-blue uniform, which is almost identical to her brother's. She has a thick, brown waist belt with a shoulder strap, a matching beret and a pair of brown riding boots.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She has a very cheerful, caring and mature personality. But it is also said when upset or angered she will immediately emanate a dark aura and become slightly violent - this is considered 'Borderline Yandere'. Also very protective of her family and friends, she considers herself before others. She has a love of cute things, pastries or cakes and animation (Moomins in particlar)

Despite her gleeful, sweet nature, she is fairly strong. And because she sometimes considers herself before others, she can be naive at times.

Relationships Edit


Åland's older brother. She is usually seen with him or Sweden, mainly because they both have ownership of her. She was originally one of his regions, but then gained autonomy from him. Nowadays things can get awkward between them. She also teases him by giving him the nickname 'Mom'.


Her other older brother (closer to brother-in-law or cousin). Often seen with him, as she speaks his language and considers herself Swedish. He ceded her and Finland to Russia in 1809, which cause her to become more alert and cautious around him. Despite his intimidating appearance, she is actually not afraid of him and gets along with him more than Finland.

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